Ring Solar-Powered Pathlights Review

If you’re seeking an effortless way to illuminate your outdoor pathways while enhancing your home security, the Ring Solar Pathlights might just be what you’re looking for. These sleek and smart lights offer more than just brightness—they bring a touch of modernity to your outdoor space. But before you start imagining the possibilities, let’s delve into the specifics that make these pathlights stand out from the rest.

Overview of Ring Solar Pathlights

If you’re in the market for an effective smart lighting solution, the Ring Solar Pathlights offer a pricey yet efficient option with built-in motion sensors and customizable app settings. These pathlights provide illumination up to 80 lumens, ensuring a bright pathway or garden. The integration with other Ring products allows for a seamless smart home experience, triggering actions like video recording on motion detection when connected to Ring cameras or video doorbells.

The Ring Solar Pathlights stand at 17 inches tall with a 4.3-inch diameter head, featuring a small solar panel on top for charging during the day. While the entire device comes in black with no color options, it’s visually noticeable when staked in the lawn, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.

With easy assembly and the ability to connect up to 50 lights to a single bridge, the Ring Solar Pathlights offer a convenient and customizable lighting solution for your home.

Design Features and Specifications

When exploring the design features and specifications of the Ring Solar Pathlights, you’ll notice a sleek 17-inch tall structure with a 4.3-inch diameter head and a small solar panel for charging. The design is minimalistic, with a clear plastic section housing the LED and the entire device coming in a sleek black color, making it visually noticeable when staked in the lawn.

The solar panels on the Ring Solar Pathlights trickle-charge the battery efficiently, providing a brightness of 80 lumens, which is relatively high for a solar-powered product. Additionally, these pathlights integrate seamlessly with the Ring ecosystem, allowing them to trigger Ring cameras, video doorbells, and other smart lights.

Constructed entirely from plastic, the lights offer the convenience of easy assembly and maintenance. Overall, the design and specifications of the Ring Solar Pathlights cater to both functionality and aesthetics, making them a reliable choice for enhancing your outdoor lighting setup.

Price and Availability Details

The Ring Solar Pathlights are currently available at various price points and can be easily found through online retailers. You can purchase individual lights for $35 each, but you’ll also need a $50 bridge to connect them to your home Wi-Fi network.

If you’re looking to buy in bulk, a pack of two lights with a bridge is priced at $90, while a pack of four lights and a bridge can be purchased for $160. It’s worth noting that you can connect up to 50 lights to a single bridge, making it a scalable option for larger outdoor lighting setups.

Keep an eye out for any promotions or discounts that may be available from different retailers. By comparing prices from various sources, you can ensure you’re getting the best deal on these smart and effective pathlights.

Installation Process and Performance

Moving on from the details of price and availability, let’s now explore the straightforward installation process and impressive performance of the Ring Solar Pathlights.

The assembly of these pathlights is a breeze, requiring minimal effort. Simply stake them into the ground and ensure the solar panel receives adequate sunlight for charging. The Ring Bridge, which enables connectivity to your home Wi-Fi, needs to be plugged into an indoor outlet. The Ring app offers a range of settings for customization, allowing you to tailor the lighting to your preferences.

In terms of performance, these pathlights excel in providing reliable illumination. With scheduled on/off functions, they ensure your pathway is well-lit when needed. The built-in motion sensors are a standout feature, adjusting the brightness based on detected movement, enhancing both security and energy efficiency.

Smart Home Compatibility and Integration

Explore how the Ring Solar Pathlights seamlessly integrate with your smart home setup, enhancing your overall home security and lighting experience. The pathlights are compatible with Ring Video Doorbells and security cameras, allowing them to trigger video recording upon motion detection. This integration with the Ring ecosystem enhances functionality, providing a cohesive approach to home security.

The lights can work in conjunction with other Ring products, offering advanced features for smart home connectivity. By being part of the Ring ecosystem, the pathlights can adjust their brightness based on movement detected by the motion sensors, optimizing their performance to suit your needs.

This seamless integration allows for a comprehensive and interconnected smart home setup, where your lighting system collaborates effectively with other security devices, creating a well-rounded home monitoring solution. Upgrade your home security and lighting experience by incorporating the Ring Solar Pathlights into your smart home system.


Overall, the Ring Solar Pathlights offer a smart and convenient outdoor lighting solution that seamlessly integrates with other Ring products for enhanced security and lighting experience.

With easy installation, customizable settings, and motion sensors for efficiency, these pathlights provide a great value at $35 each.

Whether you’re looking to improve security or add ambiance to your outdoor space, the Ring Solar Pathlights are a reliable and stylish option to consider.

Ring Solar-Powered Pathlights Review

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