Pulse Equine Vs Magnawave

Pulse Equine Vs Magnawave

Navigating the sea of equine health options can be daunting, but understanding the differences between Pulse Equine and MagnaWave can be your lighthouse.

These two leaders in Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy offer unique features and benefits for your horse’s health.

With Pulse Equine, you’ll find a focus on performance and recovery, while MagnaWave offers versatile solutions for both wellness and therapy.

Each brand has its strengths and potential drawbacks, and your decision should hinge on your specific needs and budget.

This comparison will guide you through the maze, offering insights into each brand’s product line, scientific backing, safety, and more.

Let’s delve into the world of Pulse Equine and MagnaWave to help you make an informed choice.

Understanding MagnaWave PEMF Therapy Devices

Let’s dive deeper into understanding MagnaWave’s PEMF therapy devices and what sets them apart in the market.

Founded in 2005, MagnaWave has a diverse product line of 9 different PEMF devices, each designed to deliver maximum PEMF intensity. However, it’s important to note that MagnaWave is a distributor and not a manufacturer.

The devices they distribute are produced by PEMF Systems Inc. and PEMF Solutions, and you might find the same products on other websites, sometimes at lower prices. What makes MagnaWave unique is their offering of custom programmable PEMF devices. These devices have 6 frequency level settings and 1 pulse duration level, a feature that isn’t common in the market.

The intensity of their devices is exceptionally high, with some models offering even higher intensities. While high intensity PEMF therapy has its benefits, it’s crucial to review scientific research on the safety and effectiveness of such high intensities.

Price-wise, MagnaWave’s devices aren’t cheap. The starting price for the MagnaWave B2 device is $3,950, with other models ranging up to $24,950. They offer a 30-day full return policy and a warranty that includes 3 years of coverage, which can be extended to an additional 7 years with a yearly deductible of $700 USD.

MagnaWave’s PEMF therapy devices are versatile and can be used on people, pets, horses, and livestock. However, they focus solely on PEMF therapy and don’t integrate additional therapies into their devices. This focus on PEMF therapy is a core part of MagnaWave’s business strategy.

Therapies and Additional Options With Magnawave

When it comes to additional therapies and options, you’ll find that MagnaWave focuses primarily on PEMF therapy without incorporating other treatments into their devices. This concentration on PEMF therapy is certainly purposeful. MagnaWave’s devices are designed to deliver maximum PEMF intensity, aiming for high-impact results. However, they don’t offer the potential advantages of integrating other therapies such as far infrared, negative ions, red light therapy, or crystal therapy.

While MagnaWave’s dedication to PEMF therapy is clear, it’s worth noting that the intensity of their devices is extremely high, surpassing that of many other models in the market. The benefits of high intensity PEMF therapy are evident in research, but the lack of additional therapies could be seen as a limitation for some users.

Another aspect you might want to consider is that MagnaWave operates as a distributor rather than a manufacturer. This means their devices are made by PEMF Systems Inc. and PEMF Solutions and are often available through other sellers, sometimes at lower prices. This doesn’t negate the effectiveness of MagnaWave’s devices, but it’s a factor to bear in mind as you evaluate your options.

Lastly, despite the absence of additional therapies, MagnaWave does offer custom programmable PEMF devices. This allows you to tailor the therapy to your specific needs, which can be a significant advantage.

Detailed Review of MagnaWave Products

You’ll find a range of products available from MagnaWave, each with distinct features designed to cater to your specific PEMF therapy needs. From the MagnaWave B2, a compact, portable device with a starting price of $3,950, to the top-tier models priced as high as $24,950, there’s a product for every budget and requirement.

MagnaWave’s devices are known for their high intensity. With six frequency level settings and one pulse duration level, these devices deliver PEMF therapy at extreme intensities. However, it’s worth noting that while some research shows the benefits of high intensity PEMF therapy, a compilation of 56 PEMF studies didn’t find evidence that higher intensity PEMF is more effective. In fact, one study using higher intensity PEMF reported decreased cell growth and metabolism.

In terms of additional therapies, MagnaWave focuses solely on PEMF therapy, not integrating other treatments such as far infrared, negative ions, red light therapy, or crystal therapy into their devices. This could be a drawback if you’re seeking a multi-faceted approach to therapy.

While MagnaWave claims to be undergoing the FDA approval process, no submissions have been found in the FDA 510(K) form database. This may raise questions about the safety and effectiveness of their devices.

FDA Approval and Distribution of MagnaWave

MagnaWave’s FDA approval status and distribution strategy are crucial aspects you should understand before investing in their devices. Despite being a prominent name in the PEMF therapy industry, MagnaWave’s devices aren’t FDA-approved. However, they claim to be in the process of seeking approval.

As a potential buyer, you should be aware that FDA approval signifies that the device has passed rigorous safety and effectiveness tests. As of now, there are no MagnaWave submissions found in the FDA 510(K) form database, which determines if a device falls into a safe category and allows marketing in the U.S.

  1. FDA Approval: MagnaWave isn’t currently FDA-approved but purportedly is undergoing the approval process.
  2. Products: MagnaWave sells 10 different devices, all manufactured by other companies, notably PEMF Systems Inc. and PEMF Solutions.
  3. Distribution: As a distributor, MagnaWave’s devices are also sold by other resellers, sometimes at lower prices.
  4. Manufacturing: The devices are manufactured in the U.S, and MagnaWave applies its branding to these products for resale.

Given that MagnaWave isn’t the manufacturer but a distributor, this raises questions about the uniqueness of their products. While they do add their branding to the devices, the same products can be found elsewhere, sometimes at lower costs. It’s also unclear when, or if, FDA approval will be granted. As a potential investor or buyer, these are factors that you must carefully consider.

Benefits of Equine PEMF Therapy

While you may be considering investing in a PEMF device for your horse, it’s essential to understand the numerous benefits of equine PEMF therapy. This innovative treatment offers non-invasive, drug-free pain relief and healing, making it an excellent choice for equine care.

One of the primary benefits you’ll notice is an improved recovery time. Whether your horse is recovering from a hard race, an injury, or a long day of work, PEMF therapy can accelerate the healing process. It’s been shown to reduce pain, swelling, and fatigue, providing immediate relief and speeding up recovery by up to 70%.

PEMF therapy can also enhance your horse’s performance. By improving blood flow and cell function, it can increase speed, strength, endurance, and range of motion. This means a more energetic, agile, and powerful horse, ready to give its best performance on the track or in the field.

Additionally, equine PEMF therapy helps prevent injuries. It can identify sore areas, prevent overuse, and promote overall health and well-being. This preventive approach minimizes the risk of future injuries, ensuring a longer and healthier career for your horse.

Finally, equine PEMF therapy promotes healthy cells and improves cell function, contributing to the overall longevity and well-being of your horse. Regular treatments can ensure a healthier, happier horse with enhanced athletic capabilities and a longer career.

How Equine PEMF Therapy Works

In just 40 minutes, you can complete a full session of equine PEMF therapy, which works by stimulating your horse’s cells on a mitochondrial level. This unique therapy utilizes pulsed electromagnetic fields to boost cellular function and overall health.

Here’s how the process unfolds:

  1. Stimulation: A PEMF device sends electromagnetic pulses into your horse’s body. These pulses charge and invigorate the cells, engaging them at the mitochondrial level. This interaction triggers natural cellular repair and regeneration processes.
  2. Relaxation: Between the pulses, cells have a chance to relax. This alternating pattern of engagement and relaxation promotes increased cell permeability, fostering enhanced oxygen intake and toxin removal.
  3. Cellular Enhancement: The therapy aids in improving overall cell health, thereby improving the efficiency of your horse’s biological processes. This cellular enhancement results in enhanced speed, strength, endurance, and range of motion in horses.
  4. Treatment Completion: After approximately 40 minutes, a full session is complete. Regular and consistent treatments yield the most significant benefits.

Equine PEMF therapy offers a non-invasive, safe, and efficient way of improving your horse’s health and performance. By understanding its workings, you can make an informed decision on whether this therapy is right for your horse. However, it’s always recommended to consult with a competent equine health professional before starting any new therapy.

Equine PEMF Devices and Their Uses

Choosing the right equine PEMF device for your needs, you’ll find a variety of options available, from large stationary systems designed for barns or stables to portable units perfect for travel or events. Each system comes with its own set of features, designed to cater to a range of needs and preferences.

Stationary PEMF devices, for instance, are often more powerful and are designed to deliver intensive therapy sessions. These devices are generally used in professional equine healthcare settings, such as rehabilitation centers or veterinary clinics. They often come with a range of applicators, allowing you to target specific areas of the horse’s body.

On the other hand, portable PEMF devices are designed for ease of use and mobility. These are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for traveling to competitions or events. While they may not be as powerful as their stationary counterparts, portable devices still deliver effective PEMF therapy, and can offer a range of settings to customize each therapy session.

Some equine PEMF devices also come with a range of applicators, such as loops, ropes, or paddles. These applicators can be used to target specific areas on the horse’s body, allowing for more focused treatment.

Regardless of the device you choose, the goal of equine PEMF therapy remains the same – to stimulate the horse’s cells, promoting healing and reducing inflammation. Whether you’re treating an injury, providing routine maintenance, or aiming to enhance performance, an equine PEMF device can be a valuable tool in your equine care kit.


In sum, both Pulse Equine and MagnaWave offer high-quality PEMF therapy devices, each with its unique pros and cons. Your final decision should factor in your horse’s specific needs, your budget, and the product’s FDA approval status.

Remember, the aim is to enhance your equine companion’s health and performance. Be sure to balance the scientific research, safety, and additional features to make an informed choice.

Happy trailblazing in your equine therapy journey!

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