Platinum Performance Review

Platinum Performance Review

‘You know what they say, ‘no hoof, no horse.’ So, you’re considering Platinum Performance, a top-notch company offering equine supplements.

In this review, we’re digging deep into its offerings, from effectiveness and benefits to cost and user feedback.

We’ll even share Izzy’s story, a horse thriving on Platinum Performance.

You’ll also discover possible alternatives and weigh up whether it’s worth the premium price.

Stay tuned to make an informed decision for your equine friend’s health.’

Platinum Performance Overview

For over two decades, you’ve likely heard of Platinum Performance, a company established in 1996 by an equine veterinarian that’s become one of the world’s most popular equine supplement providers. It’s not just their longevity in the market that’s impressive, but their commitment to revolutionizing therapeutic nutrition. They’ve earned their reputation through their premium quality products and excellent customer service.

You’ll find that their products are designed to complement a forage-based diet by supplying essential nutrients often missing in typical equine feed. This attention to detail is what sets Platinum apart. Trainers and vets often recommend their supplements, and the benefits are hard to ignore. From adding an extra bloom and shine to horses’ coats, to enhancing their overall health, Platinum supplements make a noticeable difference.

But what if you’re skeptical? You’re not alone. Many have questioned the effectiveness of these supplements. And yet, when you take your horse off Platinum, you might just see a dulled coat, or increased stiffness without the joint supplements. That’s when you’ll realize the science behind these products isn’t just marketing hype. It’s real.

So let’s delve into the benefits. Platinum’s foundational formulas support equine health and performance. They offer targeted supplements for specific concerns. And with Platinum PAKs, you can create a personalized supplement program for your horse. Convenience, effectiveness, and excellent customer service – that’s the Platinum Performance promise.

Yes, Platinum Performance products come at a premium price. But when you weigh the cost against the benefits, you might just find they’re worth considering. After all, can you really put a price on your horse’s health?

Effectiveness of Platinum Supplements

So, how effective are Platinum supplements really? You’re likely to notice some significant changes after incorporating them into your horse’s diet. Trainers, vets, and longtime users often recommend Platinum supplements for their noticeable impact on equine health and appearance.

These supplements can add an extra bloom and shine to your horse’s coat. You’ll see a marked difference in animals on Platinum compared to those not receiving these supplements. As an example, taking your horse off Platinum may result in a dulled coat. Similarly, if you remove joint supplements, you may see an increase in stiffness in your horse.

The science behind Platinum products further underscores their effectiveness. The company’s reputation as one of the best equine supplement companies is well-earned. Platinum supplements provide clear-cut benefits for horses, from improved coat quality and joint health to enhanced overall performance.

Yet, it’s not just about the physical benefits. The company also offers superior customer service and product quality. With Platinum, you can create a personalized supplement program using their Platinum PAKs, ensuring your horse gets the necessary nutrients. Their dedicated advisors and vets offer invaluable guidance in choosing the right supplements, further enhancing the effectiveness of their products.

To sum it up, Platinum supplements aren’t just hype. They offer tangible benefits that make them worth considering for your horse’s health and performance. Their effectiveness, coupled with the company’s stellar customer service, makes them a powerful contender in the equine supplement market.

Platinum Performance Benefits

When it comes to reaping the benefits of Platinum Performance, you’ll find their foundational formulas go a long way in supporting your horse’s health and performance. These formulas are designed to support the horse’s entire body, providing essential nutrients that maximize their overall wellbeing.

The benefits of Platinum Performance are multifold:

  1. Nutritional Support: The supplements provide comprehensive nutritional support, filling in any gaps your horse’s diet might have. They’re packed with essential vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and more. This ensures your horse gets everything it needs for optimum health.
  2. Performance Enhancement: Platinum Performance isn’t just about maintaining health, it’s also designed to enhance your horse’s performance. Whether you’re prepping for a competition or just want your horse to be at its best, these supplements can provide the necessary boost.
  3. Targeted Formulas: Platinum Performance offers targeted solutions for specific concerns. Whether your horse needs joint support, digestive aid, or help with maintaining a healthy weight, there’s a formula for that. This allows you to tailor your horse’s nutrition to their specific needs.
  4. Quality and Safety: The company prides itself on its high-quality, scientifically-backed formulas. They ensure safety by adhering to strict manufacturing practices and conducting rigorous testing on their products.

In essence, Platinum Performance offers a holistic approach to equine nutrition, addressing every aspect of your horse’s health and performance. The benefits are clear, and countless horse owners and vets vouch for their effectiveness. So, if you’re looking to give your horse the best, Platinum Performance is certainly worth considering.

Alternatives to Platinum

While Platinum Performance offers an excellent range of products, you might be interested in exploring some alternatives that could also meet your horse’s nutritional needs. Cost-effective substitutes may be especially appealing if you’re working within a tight budget.

FeedXL is a tool you could use to analyze your horse’s diet and identify any nutritional gaps. The software can guide you in making informed decisions about which supplements are necessary for your horse’s optimum health.

Mad Barn is a brand that offers viable alternatives. For instance, Omneity is a comprehensive vitamin and mineral balancer that can help fill nutritional gaps. AminoTrace+ is another product from Mad Barn, specifically formulated for metabolic horses.

If you’re seeking products to support gut health, consider SUCCEED. It’s a supplement designed to aid horses recovering from hindgut issues. However, it’s important not to view supplements as a cure for existing gastrointestinal diseases. Always seek veterinary diagnosis and treatment for these conditions.

For joint support, you might want to consider options like CJ or Cosequin ASU. These supplements offer high concentrations of key ingredients. However, they shouldn’t replace veterinary maintenance for joint health.

Platinum Performance Cost and Ordering

Despite the quality and effectiveness of Platinum Performance supplements, you might find the cost a bit steep. These top-notch products do come at a premium price, but it’s essential to consider the benefits they offer against the cost.

Now, let’s analyze the cost and ordering process:

  1. Price: Platinum Performance equine supplements are higher-end products. For instance, the foundational formula costs around $101 for a 17.5-pound bucket. However, the overall amount you’d spend monthly might still be less than what you’re currently spending on other less effective supplements and feeds.
  2. Shipping: Unlike many online retailers, Platinum Performance doesn’t always offer free shipping. This additional cost is something you’ll need to factor into your budget.
  3. Sales: Platinum Performance rarely has sales, so you’ll typically pay the full price for their products. But considering their effectiveness, many horse owners find it a worthy investment.
  4. Ordering Process: Ordering from Platinum Performance is a straightforward process. You can order directly from their website, and their customer service is excellent if you need assistance.

Cost and Benefits of Platinum Performance

So, you’re considering the cost and benefits of Platinum Performance, right? Let’s dive in.

Platinum Performance, while premium-priced, presents a potent blend of benefits. A 17.5-pound bucket costs around $101, with an additional $7.58 in taxes. Despite the cost, the potential benefits could make it a worthy investment.

Your horse’s health may significantly improve with Platinum Performance. It doesn’t make horses hot, and typically, you’ll notice an increased energy level. The supplement is introduced slowly over three weeks, reducing other feeds like rice bran and beet pulp.

What about the results? Take Izzy, for instance. His weight remained steady after switching to Platinum Performance. His feed was metabolized more efficiently, his energy became more focused, and he seemed happier. Even while participating in shows and traveling, Izzy maintained his weight. His feeding routine was adjusted to include alfalfa in the morning, grass hay in the evening, a pound of beet pulp, and Platinum Performance.

However, it’s important to recognize that reactions to Platinum Performance can vary. Some users didn’t observe any changes in their horses, while others swear by its effectiveness. The daily feeding requirement and cost are common concerns, but many still believe it’s worth the effort.

Testimonials From Other Users

Hearing from other horse owners who’ve tried Platinum Performance can give you a broader perspective on its effectiveness. The testimonials are varied and demonstrate the range of experiences horse owners have had with these supplements.

  1. One user fed Platinum Performance to her endurance horses but didn’t notice any significant changes. Despite sticking to the recommended dosage and feeding routine, she didn’t observe any marked improvement in their performance or health.
  2. In contrast, another user has been supplementing his horses’ diet with Platinum Performance daily and swears by it. He noticed a considerable improvement in their coat health and overall energy levels. For him, the cost and effort are entirely worth the benefits he’s seen.
  3. There are those still contemplating whether to try Platinum Performance. One such potential user is drawn by the numerous positive reviews and is considering integrating it into her horse’s diet.
  4. Lastly, a satisfied customer reported that she’s three horses on Platinum Performance, including a nursing mare. She praises the supplement for helping maintain the mare’s weight and overall health.

These testimonials give a mixed bag of experiences, showcasing both the positive and not-so-impressive results. They allow you to understand that results can vary based on the horse’s individual needs, diet, and lifestyle.

It’s essential to remember that while Platinum Performance works wonders for some, it may not have the same effect on every horse. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to consult with a vet or equine nutritionist before introducing any new supplement into your horse’s diet.


In conclusion, Platinum Performance offers high-quality, effective supplements that can significantly improve your horse’s health and performance.

Although they come with a premium price tag, the benefits often justify the cost.

However, it’s worth exploring alternatives and considering testimonials from other users.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on your horse’s unique needs and your budget.

Remember, a healthy horse is a happy horse, and their welfare is always worth investing in.

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