Magnawave PEMF Review

Magnawave Pemf Review

You might not know that MagnaWave is a leading brand in the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy industry. You’re likely here because you’re considering investing in a personal or professional PEMF device and you’re looking for an unbiased review.

You want to understand the benefits, safety, unique features, and pricing of MagnaWave devices. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to delve into all these aspects and more, providing you with a comprehensive MagnaWave PEMF review.

You’ll learn about the science behind it, the company’s reputation, and even the manufacturing process. So, stick around and let’s explore together.

What is MagnaWave PEMF?

You might be wondering, what exactly is MagnaWave PEMF?

PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, is a non-invasive technology that generates mild electromagnetic pulses. These pulses pass through every cell, tissue, and organ in your body, extending all the way to the bone. The purpose of this penetration is to rejuvenate your body’s natural balance.

MagnaWave PEMF is unique in its focus on this particular technology. It harnesses the power of PEMF to increase blood oxygen levels and stimulate cellular metabolism. By doing this, it has the potential to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and treat a broad spectrum of health conditions. What sets MagnaWave PEMF apart is its ability to achieve these results without the harsh side effects often associated with other treatments.

Originating as a family business in 2005, MagnaWave has grown to offer nine different PEMF devices. Each device focuses on delivering maximum PEMF intensity. However, it’s important to note that MagnaWave is a distributor, not a manufacturer. They distribute devices created by PEMF Systems Inc. and PEMF Solutions. Also, these devices aren’t limited to human use; they can be used for pets, horses, and livestock as well.

The key to understanding MagnaWave PEMF is recognizing its dedication to high-intensity PEMF therapy. By focusing on this one type of therapy, MagnaWave has carved out a niche in the wellness industry. While other therapies can be considered alongside PEMF, such as far infrared, negative ions, red light therapy, and crystal therapy, MagnaWave remains committed to the power and potential of PEMF.

MagnaWave Specifications: Frequency, Waveform, and Intensity

When considering the MagnaWave device, you must pay attention to its frequency, waveform, and intensity.

These specifications set it apart from other PEMF machines, making it a unique choice in the market.

As we discuss these features, you’ll gain a better understanding of what makes MagnaWave stand out.


In terms of MagnaWave’s specifications, the device’s frequency settings range between 0.5 and 100 Hz with eight pre-programmed options to choose from. This range allows for versatility in your PEMF therapy sessions.

However, the lack of manual control might limit the customization of your treatment. The frequency settings are tied to specific programs, restricting you to opt for a series of linked settings instead of creating a fully personalized PEMF session.

While this mightn’t pose an issue initially, as you grow more familiar with your PEMF needs, you might find this limitation a tad restrictive. Therefore, when considering a MagnaWave device, bear in mind this aspect of its functionality.


Understanding the waveform of MagnaWave devices is crucial to fully grasp the effectiveness of the treatment. These devices use both square and saw tooth waveforms simultaneously, which are considered effective in PEMF therapy.

Here are some key points about the MagnaWave’s waveform:

  • The primary type of waveform used is the square waveform.
  • As the session tapers off, the device switches to using saw tooth waveforms.
  • Both of these waveforms have been extensively studied and are recognized as efficient in the delivery of PEMF therapy.
  • The unique ‘ringing out’ delivery method of MagnaWave devices sets them apart.
  • The combination of these two waveforms potentially optimizes the therapeutic effect of the treatment.

Thus, the waveform forms an essential aspect of the MagnaWave’s performance.


How does the intensity of MagnaWave’s PEMF devices affect your therapy sessions?

As an essential MagnaWave specification, intensity is tied to pre-programmed settings and can’t be manually adjusted. The average intensity level for MagnaWave products is 500 Gauss, but some models can reach up to 10,000 Gauss.

At this peak intensity, you might even feel noticeable ‘thuds.’ These physical sensations are the PEMF therapy’s impact.

However, the least expensive at-home model has a cap, only reaching around 500 Gauss. This variance in intensity offers different therapeutic experiences.

The difficulty in precisely identifying intensity levels of MagnaWave machines suggests that understanding the impact of intensity on your therapy might require personal experience with the device.

MagnaWave Therapies

As we continue our review of MagnaWave, you may wonder if a multi-therapy mat is superior to a single-therapy one.

Focusing specifically on MagnaWave, it’s important to note that their devices solely offer PEMF therapy.

However, consider the potential benefits of combining PEMF with far infrared therapy, as research suggests this combination can enhance health benefits.

Is A Multi-Therapy Mat Better Than A Single-Therapy Mat?

In your pursuit of optimal wellness, it’s essential to consider whether a multi-therapy mat could offer more comprehensive benefits than a single-therapy mat like MagnaWave’s products. While MagnaWave focuses primarily on PEMF therapy, other health mats combine several therapies, potentially augmenting health benefits.

Consider these factors:

  • Research supports the combination of PEMF and far infrared therapies for improved health outcomes.
  • Multi-therapy mats, like the HealthyLine Platinum Mat, offer customizable settings to fit your specific needs.
  • Single-therapy mats may limit the integration of beneficial therapies.
  • Buying a multi-therapy mat initially may save unnecessary expenses later.
  • Your health goals and expectations should guide your therapy mat choice.

MagnaWave PEMF Therapy

You’ll find that MagnaWave offers a wide range of 9 PEMF devices, each designed to deliver high-intensity PEMF therapy for various applications including human health, pet wellness, and even livestock care.

Established in 2005, MagnaWave has carved a niche in the PEMF industry with its emphasis on high-intensity therapies. However, while high-intensity PEMF therapy can expedite benefits, this claim isn’t scientifically proven and should be taken with a grain of caution.

In fact, a compilation of 56 PEMF studies found no evidence that higher intensity PEMF is more effective. Furthermore, MagnaWave’s devices aren’t FDA approved, adding another layer of uncertainty.

As you consider MagnaWave for PEMF therapy, it’s crucial to weigh these factors alongside the potential benefits.

Combining PEMF with Far Infrared Therapy

During your exploration of MagnaWave’s PEMF devices, it’s important to consider that these machines focus solely on PEMF therapy and don’t combine it with other potentially beneficial therapies such as far infrared.

Here’s why you should consider the addition of far infrared therapy:

  • It’s excellent for pain management.
  • It improves circulation, a primary benefit of PEMF.
  • It aids in muscle recovery, enhancing the effects of PEMF.
  • It boosts your immune system’s resilience against viruses and flus.
  • Studies have shown the synergy between far infrared and PEMF can optimize your health routine.

Prices & Sizes

How much can you expect to invest in MagnaWave’s PEMF devices, and what sizes do they come in?

The pricing varies greatly depending on the model, with the most affordable option being the MagnaWave B2 at $3,950. The remaining nine devices range from $5,950 to a staggering $24,950, with the high intensity and clinical-oriented models being on the higher end of the price spectrum.

The sizes of the MagnaWave devices also vary, with most designed for travel or tabletop use in a clinical setting. All devices, except for the B2, come with loop applicators. The B2, intended for home use, includes small pad applicators. If you’re seeking a full-body experience, you can purchase the ‘Oasis Mat’ applicator accessory for an additional $2,650. Keep in mind, this is on top of the cost of the PEMF device itself.

It’s important to note that the primary differences between these devices include the intensity levels, the number of frequency settings, and whether the PEMF generator is analog or digital. Most of the devices are high-intensity, making them more suitable for clinical use. The only device that seems intended for home use is the B2, which is lower in price and intensity.

Certifications, Production, Distribution

Let’s now turn your attention to the certifications, production, and distribution of MagnaWave PEMF devices.

You should know that MagnaWave’s FDA approval status, production methods, and distribution channels greatly impact their reputation and customer trust.

In the following analysis, we’ll detail these aspects, providing a comprehensive understanding of how MagnaWave operates within the PEMF industry.


Dive into the certifications, production, and distribution aspects of MagnaWave PEMF devices to better understand their quality and reliability. While the MagnaWave website boasts of third-party safety testing and a CE marking, details of these certifications are missing.

It’s crucial to note what these certifications imply:

  • Third-party safety testing: This indicates a product has been evaluated for safety, but the absence of specifics about the testing entity or process is concerning.
  • CE marking: Essentially, this signifies that the product’s electronics meet European regulations. However, its presence doesn’t necessarily mean the product has undergone formal testing.

MagnaWave FDA Approval

Continuing from the previous discussion on certifications, you might be wondering about MagnaWave’s FDA approval status.

Currently, MagnaWave isn’t FDA approved but asserts that it’s undergoing the approval process. However, it’s important to note that therapeutic or medical devices typically require FDA clearance, not approval.

This clearance is achieved through the FDA 510(K) form, which determines if a device falls into a safe category, allowing its marketing and sale in the USA.

A search in the FDA’s 510(K) database reveals no submissions for MagnaWave, which suggests that the clearance or approval process hasn’t started yet.

Only time will tell if MagnaWave receives FDA clearance or approval, but as of now, the process appears to be in its preliminary stages.

Production & Distribution

Often, you might wonder about the production and distribution process of MagnaWave devices, especially considering their lack of FDA approval.

MagnaWave isn’t a manufacturer but a distributor, sourcing their products from companies like PEMF Systems Inc and PEMF Solutions. These companies manufacture in the USA and have multiple resellers, including MagnaWave.

MagnaWave devices are private labeled, meaning the manufacturer places the MagnaWave brand on the device.

PEMF Systems Inc is the primary manufacturer, with PEMF Solutions producing specific systems.

The devices are sold through separate entities, each offering different levels of customer service.

MagnaWave has strong branding, potentially offering the best customer service.

Make informed choices, balancing between price and customer support.


In conclusion, MagnaWave PEMF devices offer a unique and scientifically backed approach to pain relief and wellness. With varied intensities, sizes, and pricing, there’s likely a device to suit your needs and budget.

Though some may be deterred by the lack of FDA approval, the company’s reputation and commitment to quality are apparent. Investing in a MagnaWave PEMF device could potentially be a game-changer in your personal or professional health journey.

It’s worth considering, but always do your own research too.

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