*BEST SELLER* Natural Curve Enhancer (Sculpting Cream)

$37.99 $50.00
  • *BEST SELLER* Natural Curve Enhancer (Sculpting Cream)
  • *BEST SELLER* Natural Curve Enhancer (Sculpting Cream)
  • *BEST SELLER* Natural Curve Enhancer (Sculpting Cream)

*BEST SELLER* Natural Curve Enhancer (Sculpting Cream)

$37.99 $50.00

Our internet-sensation, Pureganic Curve cream is a fast-absorbing body cream that helps visibly improve the appearance of your curves. Infused with powerful Rasberry Ketone and a cocktail of Fisetin and Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract, this non-greasy formula with it's awesome fragrance will bring out your curves like nothing else. Try it and see what Pureganic is all about!  Each bottle lasts around 30 days and most people report seeing improved appearance in 30-60 days.

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      Our Natural Curve Enhancer is a powerful combination of natural ingredients that are specifically formulated to improve the appearance of your curves!

      Plumping: Collagen and fatty tissue stimulation
      Smoothing: Reduce appearance of cellulite and bumps
      Firming: Improve tightness and firmness on saggy areas

      This proprietary formulation contains a combination of natural peptides and proteins designed to plump, smooth, and firm.

      During aging, the synthesis of collagen gradually declines. Natural peptides and proteins including Fisetin, Raspberry Ketones, and Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract can be used to stimulate the processes that affect the quantity and quality of collagen as we age. This results in an improved appearance of your curves.

      Skin Flexibility & Suppleness

      rasbery ketone
      Raspberry ketone is derived from red raspberries. It is a natural phenolic compound that is clinically proven to improve skin elasticity in a safe and natural way. It also smells wonderful.

      Cellulite Smoothing

      Fisetin is derived from the Anise herb. It fights cellulite by facilitating lipolysis and activating sirtuins. Also imparts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to the skin.


      Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract
      Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract is an exopolymer of glycoproteins derived from a bacteria found only on the Island of King George, Antarctica. It stimulates collagen production, fibroblast adhesion, and keratinocyte growth.

      • Use on hips, thighs, and bum
      • One bottle lasts approximately 30 days
      • Recommend applying twice daily for 30 - 60 days


      Collagen Boosting

      Collagen gradually declines as we age. However, certain natural peptides can actually boost the synthesis of collagen, which helps compensate for decreased production. Boosting collagen production can result in a plumping and firming action on fatty tissue.

      Collagen Organization

      Fibrillogenesis is the natural process that forms collagen bundles in the skin. These collagen bundles are responsible for skin strength and resiliency. Natural peptides applied to the skin can cause a uniformising in the diameter and spacing of the fibrils. This results in better cohesion and stabilization of the collagen fibers, increasing suppleness of the skin.

      Collagen Protection

      Glycation is a natural reaction between proteins and sugars in our skin that causes collagen fibers to lose their flexibility and elasticity. Natural peptides can inhibit the process of glycation, which protects the skin from a loss of elasticity.

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