Bums & Roses: The Must-Have Clothing Brand for Stylish Moms

Are you tired of settling for mediocre clothing brands that offer little in terms of style and quality? Look no further than Bums & Roses, the must-have clothing brand for stylish moms like you. With its unique blend of fashion-forward designs and sustainable materials, Bums & Roses is a breath of fresh air in the world of mom fashion. But what sets this brand apart from the rest? Well, let’s just say that once you discover the secret behind their clothing, you’ll never want to go back to your old favorites. Intrigued? Keep reading to find out more about the fashion revolution that is Bums & Roses.

The Story Behind Bums & Roses

Founded by Sonia and Tanya as Little Bum Bums, Bums & Roses is a mama-owned and mama-loved clothing brand that offers playful and stylish options for moms and their little ones. The story behind Bums & Roses is one of passion and love. Sonia and Tanya, both moms themselves, wanted to create a brand that catered to the needs of stylish moms who wanted fashionable and comfortable clothing for their children. They saw a gap in the market for high-quality, affordable clothing that could withstand the daily adventures of motherhood. With their expertise and dedication, they created Bums & Roses, a brand that uses bamboo instead of cotton for long-lasting, top-quality clothes. The use of bamboo not only ensures durability but also offers a soft and gentle feel on your little one’s skin. Bums & Roses has quickly gained a loyal following for its commitment to providing stylish and practical options for moms and their children.

Stylish and Sustainable Clothing Options

When it comes to stylish and sustainable clothing options, Bums & Roses has got you covered with their trendy and eco-friendly designs. Their commitment to using bamboo instead of cotton sets them apart from other brands. Bamboo is a top-quality material that lasts longer than cotton, making it a sustainable choice. Not only that, but bamboo is also gentle on the skin and has antimicrobial properties, keeping you and your little ones feeling fresh and comfortable. Bums & Roses offers a wide range of products for babies, girls, boys, and moms, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their stylish and sustainable clothing options. From adorable dresses to cozy pajama sets, their collection has something for everyone. With Bums & Roses, you can look good and feel good about your fashion choices.

A Closer Look at Bums & Roses Products

Now let’s take a closer look at the fabulous array of products offered by Bums & Roses:

  • For Girls:
  • Midnight Bloom 2-Piece Pajama Set: This set features pink and purple flowers on a black background, giving a stylish and playful look for bedtime.
  • You Plaid Me At Hello Biggie Bow: An adjustable bow with a trendy plaid pattern, perfect for adding a touch of flair to any outfit.
  • Pretty Little Pumpkin Girls Dress: This dress showcases a charming floral and pumpkin design with wooden buttons, making it a delightful choice for any occasion.
  • For Boys:
  • Fast Track Crew Neck Jogger Set: These jogger pants come with a racing car design, combining comfort and style for your little speedster.
  • Rockin Around The Christmas Tree Crew Neck Sweatshirt: With its cool guitar-playing skeleton design, this sweatshirt will make your little rockstar stand out.

Bums & Roses provides a wide range of sizes and styles for both boys and girls. The materials used are of high quality, ensuring a soft and comfortable fit. With the option to match clothing for siblings, Bums & Roses makes dressing up a fun and fashionable experience for the whole family.

Subscriptions, Promotions, and Rewards

Discover the exciting world of subscriptions, promotions, and rewards with Bums & Roses Clothing Brand, where you can unlock exclusive benefits and savings for you and your little ones. As a first-time buyer, simply sign up with your email and receive 1 free item. Plus, enjoy 25% off on orders of $75 or more with code BFCM. But the perks don’t stop there! Sign up to earn Bum Bucks and redeem them for free gifts and extras. Earn even more Bum Bucks by following Bums & Roses on social media. And don’t forget about your baby’s birthday – you’ll get extra rewards to celebrate! Become a VIP member and save even more. Share Bums & Roses with other mamas and both of you will get $10 off. It’s the perfect clothing brand for stylish moms like you, offering soft, long-lasting materials and precious styles for your little ones. You’ll wish you knew about it sooner!

Why Moms Love Bums & Roses

Moms can’t help but fall in love with Bums & Roses for its soft, long-lasting materials and adorable styles that will have your little ones looking stylish and feeling comfortable. Here’s why moms are raving about Bums & Roses:

  • Wide range of sizes and styles for boys and girls
  • Unique and playful designs that stand out
  • Great for young children and growing families
  • Materials are gentle on your baby’s skin
  • Convenient for gifting to other moms
  • Easy online shopping experience
  • Reasonable prices for top-quality clothing
  • Special promotions and rewards to save even more
  • Option to match clothing for siblings
  • Mama owned and mama loved brand

With Bums & Roses, you’ll find the perfect blend of fashion and function, making it a must-have brand for stylish moms everywhere. Don’t wait any longer, discover the magic of Bums & Roses for yourself and your little ones.


You’ve discovered the ultimate clothing brand for stylish moms – Bums & Roses! With their playful and sustainable options for both you and your little ones, you’ll fall in love with their bamboo-based clothes that are gentle on the skin and built to last. Plus, with the convenience of online shopping and fantastic promotions, like free items for first-time buyers and discounts on larger orders, you won’t be able to resist this must-have brand. Get ready to elevate your mom style with Bums & Roses!

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