Best Equine PEMF Machine

Best Equine PEMF Machine

Ever felt like you’re in a never-ending quest for your horse’s health, akin to the legendary search for the Holy Grail? Ponder no more, as the solution might be the best equine PEMF machine.

PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is a game-changer, stimulating your horse’s cellular healing and recovery. It’s like having a personal horse trainer, vet, and physiotherapist all in one.

From tackling cell-related injuries and stubborn wounds, to reducing tendon and ligament issues, these machines work wonders. They’re non-invasive, drug-free, and cater to the unique needs of your horse, whether a seasoned racer or a cherished pet.

Dive in, and let’s explore the best equine PEMF machines available for your equine companion.

PEMF Products Brandenburg Equine Sells

Brandenburg Equine offers a variety of high-quality PEMF products designed for horse therapy.

They’ve got items like the Sport Innovations PROSERIES 3 in 1 Equine Therapy Blanket, which combines PEMF, heat, and massage.

They also offer the MAGPRO PLUS 2 in 1 Equine Therapy Blanket that pairs PEMF with heat therapy.

In addition, Brandenburg Equine provides Pulsating Magnetic Leg Wraps and Hock Wraps to specifically target these areas.

Sport Innovations – PROSERIES 3 in 1 Equine Therapy Blanket (PEMF + HEAT + MASSGE)

In addition to its wide range of equine therapy products, Brandenburg Equine also sells the Sport Innovations – PROSERIES 3 in 1 Equine Therapy Blanket, which combines PEMF, heat, and massage therapies to deliver optimal results for your horse.

This blanket offers:

  1. PEMF Therapy: Stimulates cell metabolism, promoting healing and recovery.
  2. Heat Therapy: Enhances blood flow, helping to soothe and relax your horse’s muscles.
  3. Massage Therapy: Reduces muscle tension, increases circulation, and aids in overall wellness.
  4. Ease of Use: Just place it on your horse before or after a workout and let it work its magic.

With a variety of programs to adjust the intensity and duration of therapies, this blanket is a versatile tool in maintaining your horse’s peak performance and well-being.

Sport Innovations – MAGPRO PLUS 2 in 1 Equine Therapy Blanket (PEMF + HEAT)

While the PROSERIES 3 in 1 Equine Therapy Blanket offers a combination of PEMF, heat, and massage therapies, if you’re looking for a more focused approach, the Sport Innovations – MAGPRO PLUS 2 in 1 Equine Therapy Blanket (PEMF + HEAT) might be the better option for you.

It targets muscle tension and enhances circulation within your horse’s body. By simply placing it on your horse’s back before or after a workout, you’ll provide your equine partner with the dual benefits of PEMF and heat therapies.

This blanket aids in keeping your horse limber, fit, and performance-ready, all while he comfortably stands in his stall. Harness the therapeutic power of the MAGPRO PLUS and witness the marked improvement in your horse’s overall wellbeing and performance.

Sport Innovations – Pulsating Magnetic (PEMF) Leg Wraps

Your horse’s recovery and performance can be significantly enhanced with the use of Sport Innovations – Pulsating Magnetic (PEMF) Leg Wraps. These wraps, sold by Brandenburg Equine, are incredibly versatile and can be used on both front and hind legs.

The PEMF leg wraps offer:

  1. Increased circulation through magnetic therapy.
  2. A wireless design for ease of use.
  3. The ability to strengthen and rejuvenate cells and tissues.
  4. Improved function of internal organs.

These lightweight wraps are battery-operated and rechargeable, offering a portable solution for your horse’s therapy needs. The magnetic waves interact with the horse’s blood supply, accelerating movement and increasing red blood cell count.

This innovative product provides a non-invasive, drug-free treatment for your horse, enhancing not only their physical health but their overall well-being.

Sport Innovations – Pulsating Magnetic (PEMF) Hock Wraps

Another product that can greatly enhance your horse’s health and performance is the Sport Innovations – Pulsating Magnetic (PEMF) Hock Wraps.

These wraps, sold by Brandenburg Equine, utilize PEMF technology to optimize circulation and stimulate cellular rejuvenation.

Their wireless design and lightweight system allow for your horse to move freely during therapy.

When the magnetic waves come into contact with the blood supply, they increase the number of red blood cells and strengthen arteries, accelerating blood movement.

This effect also extends to the autonomic nervous system, promoting cellular growth, tissue rejuvenation, and improved functioning of internal organs.

The result is a more relaxed, healthier horse with potential for enhanced performance.

Cold Laser Therapy Products – Brandenburg Equine

When it comes to cold laser therapy for equines, Brandenburg offers the Class 3B 3B Cold Laser Therapy Device.

This handheld device, specifically designed for equine use, is touted for its efficacy in stimulating healing and providing pain relief.

Let’s explore its features, potential benefits, and how it can contribute to your horse’s overall wellness regimen.

3B Cold Laser Therapy Device (LLLT) Handheld- Class 3B

In the realm of equine therapy products, the B Cold Laser Therapy Device (LLLT) Handheld- Class 3B from Brandenburg Equine stands out for its exceptional efficacy and advanced design. This device features two sets of laser beams that target different depths, making it versatile and highly effective.

Ten 650nm beams are ideal for surface-level issues and acupressure points, penetrating 2-3 centimeters deep.

Five 808nm beams reach deeper tissues, penetrating 4-6 centimeters deep, perfect for treating lower back pain, tissue injuries, and inflammation.

The device’s output maxes at 800mW, making it stronger than other similar handheld lasers.

To ensure your safety during use, Brandenburg Equine includes free protective eyewear with the device.

Harness the power of this advanced tool for your horse’s health and well-being.

Massage Therapy Products – Brandenburg Equine

In your search for optimal equine care solutions, it’s crucial to consider the benefits of massage therapy products.

Brandenburg Equine offers quality products such as the Percussion Equine Massage Gun and the 3B Cold Laser Therapy Device & Massage Gun Combo.

These tools aim to enhance your horse’s recovery, performance, and overall wellbeing.

Brandenburg Equine Percussion Equine Massage Gun

You’ll find the Brandenburg Equine Percussion Equine Massage Gun to be an effective tool for providing deep, therapeutic massage to your horse. This portable, rechargeable device offers large torque and long adjustments that are designed to stimulate blood flow and promote muscle relaxation.

Here are four key features of the massage gun:

  1. Deep Muscle Stimulation: The rapid strokes penetrate deep into the muscle tissue, aiding injury recovery and pain relief.
  2. Versatility: Equipped with six different attachments, you can customize the massage to your horse’s specific needs.
  3. Portability: As a cordless device, it’s easy to use anywhere, ensuring your horse’s well-being on the go.
  4. Rechargeable: The long-lasting battery allows for consistent use, making recovery and overall health maintenance seamless and efficient.

3B Cold Laser Therapy Device (LLLT) & Massage Gun Combo

While the Brandenburg Equine Percussion Equine Massage Gun offers deep muscle stimulation, the B Cold Laser Therapy Device (LLLT) & Massage Gun Combo from Brandenburg Equine provides you with an even more comprehensive therapy solution.

This combo boasts a handheld cold laser therapy device, praised for its 95% efficiency rate in providing pain relief and anti-inflammation. It’s stronger than similar devices and comes with protective eyewear.

The percussion massage gun, a portable and rechargeable device, offers deep muscle massage that stimulates blood flow, helps with injury recovery, and alleviates pain. Its design promotes the health and well-being of both horse and rider.

With the B Cold Laser Therapy Device & Massage Gun Combo, you’re investing in top-notch, versatile equine therapy.


In a nutshell, equipping yourself with a top-notch equine PEMF machine from Brandenburg Equine can significantly boost your horse’s health and performance.

Whether it’s PEMF, cold laser, or massage therapy products, these non-invasive, drug-free solutions can help your horse recover faster and perform better.

So, why wait? Give your equine companion the care they deserve and enhance their wellbeing with the best PEMF machine today.

After all, your horse’s health is your success.

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