Best Bottled Water to Drink for Health

Ever wondered which bottled water is the best for your health? You’re not alone. It’s a topic that’s gaining traction these days, especially with the myriad of options available in the market. From natural spring water to mineral-infused, alkaline to antioxidant-rich, the choices can be overwhelming. Let’s not forget those with added vitamins and electrolytes. But the question remains: are these bottled waters genuinely beneficial for your health or just a marketing gimmick? It’s time to sift through the hype and uncover the truth, as your health should never be compromised. A deeper look into this subject may reveal answers that could surprise you.

BODYARMOR SportWater Alkaline Water

After testing dozens of plain waters, the WH team crowned BODYARMOR SportWater Alkaline Water as the top choice due to its thirst-quenching abilities and clean taste that garnered rave reviews from testers. From bottled to boxed water, this purchase stood out for its unparalleled qualities.

You might wonder, what makes BODYARMOR SportWater Alkaline Water so special? It’s the refreshing, neutral taste that has been described as ‘lovely’ by one editor. It’s a taste, according to testers, you could guzzle if needed. Imagine being in the middle of an intense workout or coming in from a hot day, and this water becomes your go-to source of refreshment.

But it doesn’t stop there. The benefits of this water extend beyond its taste. BODYARMOR SportWater Alkaline Water contains added electrolytes. Now, you’re not just hydrating your body; you’re also replenishing essential nutrients.

Electrolytes are vital for maintaining proper fluid balance in your body. When you sweat, you lose electrolytes, and if not replenished, it could lead to dehydration. The added electrolytes in BODYARMOR SportWater Alkaline Water may enable your body to absorb the liquid faster, potentially aiding in a speedier recovery after a workout or a bout of illness.

Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water

If you frequently find yourself in high-intensity workouts, you’ll want to consider Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water, a potent, no-sugar-added hydration option packed with muscle-supporting potassium. It’s more than just a thirst quencher; it’s a healthful ally designed to support your vigorous exercise routine.

Now, let’s delve into why this particular coconut water stands out:

  1. Rich in Potassium: This mineral is crucial for preventing muscle cramps and maintaining muscle function. When you’re pushing your body to the limits, you’ll appreciate the extra support.
  2. Balanced Flavor: Even if you’re not a fan of the typical sweetness of coconut water, you’ll find the flavor of this one quite surprising. It’s neither too sweet nor too sour, with a hint of floral notes that adds a unique twist.
  3. Real Coconut Pulp: If you opt for the variant with pulp, you’ll enjoy bits of real coconut flesh, which add a nutty bite to each sip. It’s a delightful textural experience that sets it apart from other coconut waters.

In the world of exercise hydration, Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water is a standout choice. It’s not just about quenching your thirst but also about enhancing your workout performance and speeding up recovery. Its balanced taste and the inclusion of real coconut pulp add an enjoyable sensory experience to its functional benefits. So next time you’re stocking up for a sweat session, remember to include this hydrating powerhouse in your shopping cart.

Core Hydration+ Immunity Water

Switching to Core Hydration+ Immunity Water, you’ll find a refreshing blend of citrus zing and vital nutrients, designed to keep your immune system at its best. Forget about squeezing lemon slices into your glass; this water provides a burst of lemon extract that leaves a sweet-tart finish on your palate. It’s not just about the taste. The brand has also fortified its product with zinc, a mineral renowned for its immunity-boosting properties.

Diving deeper into the immunity-boosting credentials of Core Hydration+ Immunity Water, the product’s strategic blend of citrus-sourced vitamin C and zinc places it in a strong position. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, this combination is a dynamic duo, making it a potent aid for your immune system. Therefore, by choosing this bottled water, you’re not merely hydrating but also strengthening your immune system.

However, the benefits don’t stop there. Along with the immunity support, the added citrus flavor provides a refreshing twist to your hydration routine, making it an enjoyable experience. It’s a perfect blend of health and taste, aimed at making healthful drinking a pleasure rather than a chore.

True Nopal Organic Cactus Water Prickly Pear Plus Pineapple

Diving into the world of exotic bottled waters, True Nopal Organic Cactus Water Prickly Pear Plus Pineapple stands out as a pre-workout beverage, brimming with the richness of magnesium and the tropical allure of prickly pear and pineapple juices. This beverage isn’t merely thirst-quenching, it’s a nutritional powerhouse that’ll fuel your workout and nurture your health.

  1. Magnesium-Rich: Magnesium is a vital mineral that plays a crucial role in energy production. With every sip of True Nopal, you’re not just hydrating, you’re also providing your body with the essential magnesium it needs to keep your energy levels up and your body functioning optimally.
  2. Tropical Flavors: The prickly pear and pineapple juices in this beverage offer a unique, refreshing, and tropical flavor that’s not only delicious but also invigorating. It’s a taste that transports you to a tropical paradise, making it an ideal beach-side sipper.
  3. Health and Aesthetics: Beyond its health benefits and enticing taste, this vibrant pink-hued water is also visually appealing. It’s a beverage you’ll want to show off, adding a touch of color and exoticness to your hydration routine.

Blue Stripes Urban Cacao Just Cacao Cacao Water

Moving from the tropical allure of prickly pear and pineapple, let’s explore another exotic beverage – the Blue Stripes Urban Cacao Just Cacao Cacao Water, a sustainable and flavorful innovation from the world of chocolate production. The brand has taken a unique approach to sustainability by utilizing the leftovers from cacao harvesting to create this invigorating and hydrating beverage.

You’ll find that this water offers a distinctive flavor profile, with tasters likening it to a tart lemonade fused with a subtle hint of fruity lychee. It’s not just the taste that catches your attention but also the health benefits that this beverage brings to the table. Packed with over 20% of your daily vitamin C per serving, you’re not just quenching your thirst but also supporting your immune system and promoting collagen production.

The brand’s commitment to sustainability, combined with the appealing taste and health benefits of their product, has garnered positive responses from consumers. “Clean and very refreshing!!” noted one enthusiastic editor, echoing the consensus of many who’ve tried this unique water.

Spindrift Blood Orange Tangerine Sparkling Water

If you’re often seeking a fizzier alternative to flat water, Spindrift Blood Orange Tangerine Sparkling Water might just hit the spot. This effervescent delight is more than just a refreshing beverage; it’s also a healthier choice when compared to many other options on the market.

  1. Hydration: Contrary to popular belief, sparkling water is just as hydrating as its bubble-free counterparts. You’re not sacrificing hydration for taste when you reach for a can of Spindrift.
  2. Natural Flavors: What sets Spindrift apart from other sparkling waters is the splash of real fruit juice in each can. Unlike many bottled drinks, Spindrift doesn’t rely on artificial flavoring. The Blood Orange Tangerine variant, in particular, offers a sweet-tart tang that’s derived from authentic fruit sources.
  3. Healthy Substitute: If you’re trying to cut down on high-sugar drinks like sodas, Spindrift Blood Orange Tangerine Sparkling Water is an excellent substitute. You’ll still enjoy a vibrant, citrusy flavor, but without the high sugar content and artificial additives found in many sodas.


In conclusion, prioritizing your hydration doesn’t mean settling for plain tap water. Bottled options like BODYARMOR’s SportWater and Core Hydration+’s Immunity Water deliver essential minerals and vitamins. If you’re seeking a flavorful twist, Harmless Harvest’s Coconut Water, True Nopal’s Cactus Water, or Blue Stripes’ Cacao Water are game-changers. For a carbonated kick, Spindrift’s Blood Orange Tangerine Sparkling Water is a top choice. Each provides unique health benefits, making hydration an exciting part of your wellness journey.

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